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The Detective
Annalise Gordon, a homicide detective with the Seattle Police Department, is obsessed with trying to catch the Cross Country Killer. When he resurfaces along the same route she took from Orlando to Seattle, she finally figures out that he's really after her.

The Former Navy SEAL
Ethan Williams, a former Navy SEAL and owner of Crowne Security and Investigations, Inc., literally runs into Annalise while running one morning. Ethan had followed Annalise's career since she was a detective with the Orlando Police Department, working on the Cross Country Killer case.

The Case of a Lifetime
With each new victim, the serial killer gets closer to Annalise--his true target. Working side-by-side with the Crowne investigators, Annalise believes she can finally catch the serial killer that has eluded her for far too long.

Good vs Evil
When things heat up between Ethan and Annalise, his lifestyle comes into question. Wi