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Lady Minerva Hatfield, a member of the hereditary spy network known as the Rakes and the Crown, was the sole survivor of a vicious carriage accident. To keep herself safe, she hides in plain sight—as a maid in the Earl of Blackridge’s household.

When her identity is threatened, the spy network sends Minerva to the wilds of the Scottish Highlands for her own safety, where she remains for five years. But news of her sister, Lady Juliana’s, existence brings Minerva out of hiding and back into the arms of the one person she couldn’t erase from her thoughts.


Jacob Spencer, the Earl of Blackridge, is one of the Rakes and the Crown’s best agents. But, nothing can prepare him for the events that were about to unfold. His past mistress, Minerva, was none other than the twin sister of his friend’s wife. Upon seeing her again, the attraction between them is re-ignited. 

With a rival spy network on the prowl, Jacob and Minerva become an unstoppable team. Between evil dowagers, murder, and lies—can their love conquer all? Will they be able to stay alive long enough to save the one person that binds them both together?

A Spy for Minerva

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