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Tara Wellesley, a Southern belle, knew that her world would change. The only one in her family to inherit the second sight, and what she witnessed in dreams and visions wasn’t good. What she failed to see coming was an English rake befriending her twin cousins and landing them in a battle between rival spy rings. Sebastian Stafford, grandson of the Duke of Dunsbury, came to the United States to reunite the ancient spy ring called the Rakes of the Crown. With a new generation, in lands far from England, he renames it the Rakes of Liberty. They have one goal, the continuation of the Union, at any cost. With the death of Sebastian’s grandmother and the assassination attempt on his grandfather, Sebastian races back to England to save what is left of his family. With a sea between them, will the Order get the upper hand or will love be enough to conquer an old foe?

A Sea Between Them

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