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The Chance of Love - an Author's review

I have always been a fan of Meara Platt. Her books are witty and fun to read. They are clever and -- did I mention they were fun to read? This book is everything you have ever wanted in a romance novel. Amazing cast of characters, intrigue, and a love story.

The H comes from a very prolific family, one that has a close connection to the Farthingale family -- going back to the original Farthingale Series. He is a soldier with a post within Parliament (I do not envy him his position, at all).

The h is a widow, but not is as it seems. She is a cousin of the cast of the Farthingale Series (which, I strongly recommend you read since some of those characters are brought up in this book) but she is as strong as her cousins. Coming from a large family like hers and the H, you have to be strong to make it.

Both, the H and h, are amazingly written. The plot was fun (as stated above) and the intrigue started at the beginning of the book. I will not ruin the story for you, since this is a "spoiler-free" review blog. But, I highly recommend this book and the others in the series, as well.

I give this book a very strong 5-star rating.

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