She's alive!

A Spy for Minerva is finally out to the world. It is my first new release in forever...okay, so it's only been a year but it feels like longer. A Spy for Minerva is my baby. It's raw, full of intrigue and suspense. I've had one reviewer say that it was a little on the darker side. I have to admit that she was right. During the period I wrote the story, I was in a dark place, that's for sure. If you are interested in the story, I do have the links through my website.

I am going to add some merchandise for Minerva's book here soon, so stay tuned for that.I always try to put each of my book covers on merchandise so that you can enjoy them, as well. There will also be a release party full of fun games, puzzles, and prizes on 9/25/2021. Other historical romance authors will be joining me and the list will be available on my author page on Facebook.

Okay...on to the fun stuff!

Earlier today, an author messaged me through my author page email on Facebook wondering about doing a Bookbub Swap. I was perplexed about this. How would that work? Then she explained it for me. All I would be required to do is recommend the book and that's it...without reading said book. People, this isn't right. As most of you probably do when it comes to review sites, you read the books first. Once you read it, you rate the book and mostly review said book if you enjoyed. I explained this to the author and she seemed a bit disappointed. Of course, she would be disappointed because I'm not gullible.

If you are a reader or an author, beware of people like this. I'm not into manipulating the system when it comes to get books read and up the anti when it comes to sales algorithms. If I get a bestselling book, it's going to be on my own merit.

Have you been trapped in a scam? Tell me your story.

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