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Oh no! What do I call this post?

Its been one of those months. I've been doing some revamping of my website, as you can see. I'm not done with it but it will be done soon. I'm also revamping my blog. It is not just going to be updates on my books and writing. There will be some of that too. I will also be updating on events and what not. I figured I would also spend each month going over certain topics that pertain to the eras that I write about. This month, I would love to touch base, a little bit, on travel during the US Civil War.

Unlike earlier time periods, travel by water to Europe didn't take nearly as long because of one thing...the steam ship. No longer did the travel need to spend weeks, sometimes months, on board a ship to get to Europe (England and Ireland, in my case). It took travelers just under a week to go from the East coast of the US to England.

No longer was travel limited to horses during the US Civil War. The invention of the steam engine brought trains into the picture. Trains cut the time of travel by land by more than half. Travel by stage coach and horse was still prevalent and was cheaper, by far.

Armies, though, were a different story. Yes, most of the time they marched but for longer distances, if possible, they were put on trains to lessen the time between their location and the next battlefield. Cutting the time, allowing necessary planning time, for the next battle. The only problem with this is that sometimes the opposing army would dismantle track or even blow up a bridge or two, making it impossible to for the train to move on.

That's all for this episode. I will come back in about two weeks to add more to this. I may even add a teaser from my next book. I hope you all have an amazing week.

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