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Newsletter only giveaway!

Being an independent author is a tough business, I have come to find. When I first started on my journey, I did giveaways on my author page and then my reader group but I was leaving out my biggest audience--my newsletter. This last year, I have started my newsletter only giveaways. I still do social media giveaways but I want to thank my newsletter followers for doing what they are doing by doing these special giveaways. This month, I was giving away two grand prizes.

Why do newsletter only giveaways? Well, to be honest, my biggest following is my newsletter. Why not?

The next newsletter only giveaway is scheduled for July 4th 2021. It will be a duel giveaway with my friend and fellow historical fiction author, TJ London. If you haven't checked out her books are missing out! There will be audiobooks, autographed paperbacks, and so much more!

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