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Never underestimate the Underdogs

The other day I had the overwhelming desire to listen to a song that I had listened to as a teen, Audio Adrenaline's "Underdog". Don't ask me why I thought of that song but I did. I don't listen too much in the way of music except when I am writing.

The lyrics of the song spoke to me in that moment. It spoke to the self-published author that I am. By choosing the self-publishing route for my books, I am an underdog, right out of the gate. I didn't choose this route just because of my lack of patience. I choose it because my books aren't just one genre. If there was a genre for historical romantic suspense--I would be there waving my hands for the publishers to have a look at my book.

I am not the only one in this position. We are the underdogs but you know what? We don't give up on the idea that our books will sell. We don't give up on winning a big prize. In our minds, we've already won. Our books are out there in the world. We use our resources, we find critique partners, and we collaborate. We have too to survive this business.

"I am so weak and I'm so tired It's hard for me to Find enough strength to Feed the fires That fuel my ego And consequently all my pride Has all but died Which leaves me Down on my knees Back to the place I should have started from" "Been beat up, Been broken down. Nowhere but up When you're face down on the ground I'm in last place, If a place at all. But, there's hope for this underdog!" - Audio Adrenaline "Underdog" 1999

There is hope for this underdog. There is hope for you. Never give up because someone has told you that just because you self publish, you aren't a real author. Never let someone say that you self publish because you couldn't make it in traditional publishing. It's lies. Soon, it will be our time to rise. Our time to shine and we will do so with a gusto.

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