Man of War: an author's review

This week, I've started a great saga written by T.J. London. I started with the prequel, since I like to start at a beginning of a timeline. This is my review of that prequel: Man of War.

I don't normally read anything out of my normal genre: Regency Romances. This book, though, has captivated me from the beginning. Who can put down a book with sea battles, tall (masted) ships, sexy Scottish captains, and intrigue to match? This reader couldn't.

The background of the story starts in Scotland at the Battle of Culloden (not really mentioned in the book but implied). This endeared me to the H because my family may/may not have taken part (on the side of the Scots) at Culloden. It made the story personal to me. Though, I would have liked to read more into that part of the story. Back to the H. What also endeared me to the character may have guessed it already...he's a ginger! He is always trying to do the right thing...sometimes, ultimately failing.

The h, I have to admit, if she was a real person -- she would be my hero. She is a strong, resilient woman. She has lived through the worst possible situation and survived through her own force of will. She is the back bone of the entire story.

I would recommend this book to those who like movies like: Master and Commander or books like: "The Fox and the Faith", "The Fox and the Fury", "The Fox and the Flag", and "The Fox and the Fortune".

I give this book a full 5-stars.

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