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It has been a Year!!!

Hey, all! It has been quite the year, hasn't it? I have a new book out, which is exciting. "A Sea Between Them" is book 2 of the Wellesley/O'Brien Saga and will be the precursor to (yet) another series, sometime later on after The Rakes and the Crown Series has been finished up. If you are interested in "A Sea Between Them" I have it available in my store and also on amazon (I will put the link on at the end of those blog).

My current work in progress (WIP) is book 2 of The Rakes and Crown Series. It is Lady Minerva's story. If you have read Lady Juliana's Duke, you would remember her as Juliana's identical twin sister, who is also part of the Rakes organization. I'm hoping to finish writing this story in March, so I can get the book into your hands in May. The next story in the Wellesley/O'Brien Saga will follow that with the boys from "A Sea Between Them", Nicholas and Nathaniel.

Until later!

P.S. I promised the link to amazon. Well, here it is:

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