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Cover reveal teaser?

A Rake for Juliana is at the editors and will be coming to you sometime next month. I'm excited for this relaunch. This was my first foray into the Regency Era and I LOVE the characters -- and you will too!

I have also been doing some new things with the blog. I have started doing some reviews and I will be featuring some authors here and in my newsletter. I hope you love them as much as I do.


Baking is my thing. Bachelorette parties are not. Surprise strippers even less so. But I'm almost positive this guy isn't really a stripper, and if he is, he's pretty bad at it. On the other hand, he's very, very good at kissing. And maybe I shouldn't have goaded him into doing it, but it's not like I'll ever see him again. At least I'll have something to fantasize about when I'm baking muffins tomorrow morning.


Contractor. Loner. Stripper? Not usually, but I'll do anything to get the Bachelorette party in the room next door to settle down. All I wanted was a good night's sleep. I never expected my entire world to shift when she opened the hotel door with her wide green eyes and sweet vanilla scent. Now that I've had a taste, I can't let her go. I just have to find a way to break down her walls.

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Holly Farthingale is a young widow who hardly knew her husband before he went off to war and met his untimely end. She does not want to go through the pain of that loss again and intends never to marry. But now that she has come to London to chaperone her younger sisters during their debut season, her family is shoving The Book of Love at her and insisting she discover the meaning of true love. When she meets Joshua

Brayden, the handsome army captain who has captured the heart of every young debutante in London, she wants no part of him. The more determined she is to avoid him, the more determined he is to win her heart. As secrets from her past come back to haunt her and may place her life in danger, Joshua knows he must marry Holly to protect her.

But will Holly dare take a second chance on love?

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I hope that your week is the best that I can be. Don't forget to help an author by reviewing their books. Stay safe and healthy!

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