A month of writing!

It has been a long month here in sunny Florida. I hope you all have been healthy and staying out of trouble (I know I haven't!). 

I am very slowly getting "A Scene in Time" ready to publish. Yes, I've been going at this thing for months now and will hopefully be getting it out to the world the first week in June. I will be having ARC copies available soon for those who are willing to write a review. In order to get your copy: follow me on Instagram, Facebook (either my author page or my launch group, I will post links to them all), Pinterest or my Twitter page. Don't forget to post a message saying "hi" and that you are a subscriber to my newsletter. I have a sign up sheet that I can email to you if anyone is interested.  I am also working on "A Spy for Minerva" which is Book Two in the Rakes and Crown Series. Next month, I promise to give you all an excerpt from that book.  I am also working on a reveal for the second book in the Rakes of the Crown Series, "A Spy for Minerva". Next month I will be posting excerpts for each of the three books that I will be releasing or relaunching this year. I also have a group on Facebook, Jessica's Lords and Ladies Readers Group, where we talk about books, some exclusive content on pre-orders, and the chance to read any New Releases first. You can also follow me at:  https://www.facebook.com/JessicaAClementsNavarro https://www.pinterest.com/lilirishpiper https://www.jessicaanneclements.com https://twitter.com/JClementsauthor

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