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A book review? Deking the Puck by Kathy Obuszewski

I have been doing a lot of reading lately and some of my fellow authors thought it may be a good thing to start writing reviews on my blog. I'm not good at writing reviews but I will try to make them better than I would on Amazon. I guarantee that I will not give anything away in the book.My first book I'm doing a review is on: Deking the Puck by Kathy Obuszewski.


Deking the Puck is a hockey romance. I have never read anything from this genre before and I have to say that it is pretty good. There are some grammar and spelling errors throughout but overall, it doesn't affect the story at all.

The H is a hockey player from the local NHL team in Cleveland, who finds the love of his life rather early in the book. I won't go into how they meet but the author definitely had this one pegged from the very beginning (of course she did!). At first, I really didn't like the H. He was too much of a nice guy but he grew on me as the story started to unfold.

The h is a contradiction all on her own. She is in love with a hockey player that doesn't play for the team she is a fan of? (not a spoiler!). She is a likable character and has her fair share of laughable sequences throughout the book.

Overall I give the book 4-stars.

You can grab your copy at:

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