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Of Valor and Honor

Duke, A Musician, and A Mystery. Will they catch the killer before he kills again?

The Duke
Ioan Drummond, the Duke of Rathdrum, is on a mission—finding the person who killed his father and brothers. The trail leads him to London where he meets the enigmatic spymaster known as Tarleton. With the spymaster’s help, Ioan searches for clues pertaining to the possible assassination of his family.

The Musician
Lady Matilda Welsh, the goddaughter and niece of Lord Tarleton, is a brilliant code breaker—making up her own code in the music that she writes. Her intuition leads her to the door of the duke next door—by way of secret passageways in her home. After being found in a compromising position with the duke, ending with an impromptu wedding in her front hall.

Of Valor and Honor
With the help of his friends and Matilda, Ioan starts an investigative branch of Tarleton’s spy network, handling cases within Great Britain. His first case? Searching for his family’s killer. Why? His father and brothers were agents for Tarleton and had found a link to a rival spy ring known only as The Shadows.

Good versus Evil
Ioan and Matilda work together to find the killer, not realizing the killer is watching their every move—planning revenge upon the Valor and Honor Investigators.

Will they find him in time? Will they believe in each other as all they hold dear threatens to fall around them? Or will the Shadow agent kill yet again?

The Viscount. The Spy. Will their love be enough to save them?

The Viscount
James Kirby had been a soldier in the Royal Dragoons when his life turned upside down. He inherited a title he was never supposed to inherit and barely survived the Battle of Waterloo. While trying to pick up the pieces of his life, James with the help of his friends, start a group of men and women known as Valor and Honor Investigators.

The Spy
Lady Margaret Stapleton had lost more than her fiancé, she lost herself. Tarleton, the spymaster, and family friend trained her to be his most successful spy and assassin. Her world gets turned upside down when she is paired with James on a mission to find the killer responsible for her fiancé’s death.

Against all odds
James and Margaret take their stand against a powerful foe—with their friends by their side. A battle between good and evil.

Will good prevail? Will their love be enough to save them?

Note: This series is part of Dragonblade's Flame line, so this is a scorching-hot read with open-door steam.

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