Important News:

Hey there, everyone! There is so much going on and I wanted to let you in on a couple of things. 

One: A Rake for Juliana is going to be relaunched on 2/19/2021 on all platforms. You can get your paperback copy already at:

Two: A Scene in Time is going to have its own audiobook releasing late March/early April. I will be posting links for that when I get them. 

About the Author


Hello everyone! I am Jessica A Clements and I write historical romances set during the US Civil War and the Regency Eras. When I am not writing I am playing with my son, composing music, playing in a band, and working my day job. 


One of the many things my son and I love to do is travel to new historical places. We have been to: Custer's Battlefield, Saint Augustine, Savannah, and a couple of smaller battlefields in Alabama. We hope to be able to add to our list soon. 

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